Awards Overview

The New York District Awards Committee is now accepting applications for 2018-2019 District Awards. Awards are a great way to celebrate your outstanding Key Club service and bring recognition to the wonderful work you do for the community. Please read the entire Awards Booklet for information and requirements for each award. Deadlines for each award can also be found in the booklet.

All awards will be announced on Saturday and Sunday at the Leadership Training Conference.

2018-2019 Awards Booklet

Click here for the booklet

Online Awards Submission

Click here for the online awards portal

  • This link should be used for the following awards:
  • Distinguished Key Clubber Award
  • Outstanding Club Member Award
  • Outstanding Club Officer Awards
  • Distinguished Faculty Advisor Award
  • Distinguished Kiwanis Advisor Award
  • Outstanding Governor's Project Award
  • Advocacy Award
  • Interclub Award
  • Kiwanis Family Relations Award
  • Club Digital Poster Contest
  • Club Video Contest
  • Club T-Shirt Contest
  • Governor's Scholarship
  • Kiwanis Memorial Scholarship

KCI Contest Awards and Entry Forms

Click here for the entry forms

  • This link should be used for the following awards:
  • Single Service Award
  • Video Contest
  • Major Emphasis Award
  • Non-Digital Digital Poster Contest
  • Year-in-Review (Scrapbook)
  • Annual Achievement Report
  • Annual Achievement Report