Introduction to Awards

Hello New York District!

On the behalf of the New York District, the District Awards Committee presents to you the awards page! The objective of this page is to help key clubbers understand and apply for awards. On this page, you will be able to frequently asked questions, links to the online submission for certain awards and helpful resources!

Online Awards Submission

Award Resources


A: No. The Distinguished Key Clubber Award is noncompetitive, and all qualified applications will get it. Recipients of the Distinguished Key Clubber Award will receive a pin. All Key Clubbers may apply for this award. The Outstanding/Distinguished Key Club Member Award is a competitive award. Only one member from each grade will receive the award. Recipients will receive a plaque. Only Key Clubbers who are not club, district, or international officers may apply.
A: Majority of the award recipients are chosen by our District Administrator, John Goldstein, and other Kiwanians. Distinguished Key Clubber recipients are chosen by the designated District Awards Committee Co-Chairs. Contests winners are decided by the contest judges, who are usually appointed by the Contest Committee Chair of the Leadership Training Conference.
A: Yes. All members in good standings are eligible for Distinguished Key Club Member Award.
A: You may find a copy of the Distinguished Key Clubber application on the district website,
A: Yes, you may still apply for the award. However, you should contact one of the District Awards Committee Co-Chairs for instructions on how to indicate that you were unable to meet a certain criteria due to special circumstances.